"Hey Angel"

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"Hey Angel"

Una poesia "per coloro che mi sorprendono e non lo sanno, per quanti, lasciandosi coinvolgere, trovano la loro fonte di ispirazione". Arianna Dell'endice, studentessa al terzo anno nel nostro liceo, ci regala questi versi delicati.

I've met emerald eyes angels,
they walked in my life
never really asked why.
I like their company
and the songs about them and me.
They called me a few cute names,
Sweet Creature was one of them
and I listened as I was thinking
about their light brown hair

"Walk with me, it can be easy
it can be in the wind or by the beach,
whatever you prefer.
Whatever you want to learn I can teach,
just be with me and don't go away"

I've met purple loving angels,
they love dressing up with it:
it matches the sunset they sing songs about.
They want to hold my hand,
but it feels like we're thousand miles away;
I want just a little bit of their heart,
so I tell them with a guitar in my hands:

"Walk with me, it can be easy
I love your voice, it may sound cheesy
I'll give you my heart and whatever you prefer
just be with me and don't go away."

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